Your Guide: Bryony Wright

Homebase: Vancouver, Canada

Last Trip: Portland, Oregon

Next Trip: Paris, France

Most Memorable Meal: Seafood linguini in Atrani, Italy.

Most Magical Place:                                       The Gardens at the Palace of Versailles, France.

Favourite Source of Inspiration: The MOMA in New York City, USA. 

Favourite Design City: Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am a photographer, interior designer, digital marketing strategist and travel enthusiast! I also happen to enjoy research, planning, and helping others. In 2014, I decided to pack up my life and explore the streets of Paris for one year, leaving no rock unturned. Paris is a gigantic city with a never ending list of inspiring things to see and do. The first time I came here I was so overwhelmed that some of the magic was lost. I knew there was a lot more beneath the surface but I really "missed the boat" on my first trip here. I created these guides so that YOU won't miss the magic! 

Sometimes we have every intention of researching the "hidden gems" but when it comes down to it we are lucky to catch our flight on time! I am here to help creative professionals, or creative professionals at heart, find the most inspiring sights, sounds, and bites, top cities have to offer. An important part of my job and life is keeping the inspiration and aliveness that travel brings flowing. I am thrilled to share my explorations with you as I travel the globe! 

So what exactly can you expect from my guides?

Most guides will include some of the following: Restaurants with delicious food and interiors, coffee shops with quality beans and atmospheres, fashion labels with stunning retail design, home decor retailers, art and design book stores, open air markets, inspiring museums and galleries, brilliant architecture, and a big dose of interesting scenery along the way! 

Each guide is designed to be accomplished in 24 hours or less but you can spread them out over as many days as you like. Some cities are broken down in to neighbourhoods because I have spent a considerable amount of time getting to know them. These guides will be walkable. Some cities will show the highlights from around the city and might include a quick trip on the metro to accomplish them in one day! I try to keep my guides attainable for those on a reasonable budget and every stop is of course optional! 

All of the photos in A Designer's Guide are taken by me with an occasional appearance from my professional photographer husband, Levi. I take the time to explore everything I recommend myself with few exceptions! 

Please enjoy the guides and never stop exploring! They were created for YOU in hopes that you might experience the inspiration and magic that hides around every corner.